Bela-Bela EFF coordinator Sello Moswoeu. Photo: Justin Steyn

Moswoeu in court after land invasion


Justin Steyn   l   Views: 180

Bela-Bela EFF co-ordinator Sello Moswoeu was expected to appear again in court on Friday 26 January.

He faces a charge of trespassing.

The charges were a direct consequence of an EFF-championed illegal land invasion in downtown Bela-Bela last October.

Moswoeu was charged with trespassing on Tuesday, 28 November, as a direct result of the invasion of a piece of municipal land along Alma Road.

The incident pushed panic buttons all-round, with both property-owners and residents of nearby Spa Park up in arms over the EFF’s actions.

The disputed piece of land, owned by the Bela-Bela Local Municipality, lies between Spa Park and Ward 1.

In respect of the judicial principle of sub judice, Moswoeu issued a statement to the effect that land invasions had been “put on hold.” 

In recent weeks the EFF local leader committeed to push towards a land audit report at Bela-Bela.

Municipal spokesperson, David Raborolo, said correspondence in this regard had not, at the time of going to print, been forthcoming, at least not as yet.

19 months ago       18 January 2018