Matriculants being registered for the programme. Photo: Lizzy Bapela.

Second chance for matriculates


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Matriculants from Bela-Bela have been offered a lifeline to upgrade certain subjects, at a programme ending 21 June.

A collective of educators launched the Second Chance Matric Programme for the year 2018, hosted at the local community hall since Monday, 5 March. 

Project manager and principal at Vingerkraal Secondary School, Winnie Mafora, said the programme targeted learners who have modularized the previous year and will be writing their examinations in May and June. 

She added the targeted candidates were those who registered as part-time learners and those who planned to improve on certain subjects. 

Learners from as far back as 2014 were also encouraged to take part.

Classes for the programme will run during the school-holidays.

“Educators taking part in the programme come from different schools and are appointed according to their Grade 12 performance, meaning the highest performer gets appointed,” Mafora said.

17 months ago       08 March 2018