La Masia FC’s Washington Baloyi and Lucas Lelaka of Liverpool FC in a tussle for the ball. Photo: Mzamane Ringane

New rugby union mooted


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If things go according to plan, Limpopo might have an association to represent the rugby needs across the province. 

Behind the scenes efforts are underway to launch the proposed Limpopo Rugby Union, with another meeting scheduled to take place on Saturday, 27 January.

Limpopo has been under the Blue Bulls Rugby Union for more than 20 years.The situation dates back to the Apartheid era boundaries, when the sport fell under the Transvaal Rugby Union.  

Former Limpopo Blue Bulls Rugby Union vice president, Mojalefa Makanye, said a rugby union for Limpopo would enhance development at grassroots level.”Limpopo must rise. We have a crop of talent in the province, but they do not get enough opportunities,” he said. 

The veteran, who has been actively involved in local rugby since 1993, said like soccer and handball, rugby deserved to have an association which would address issues such as development at grassroots level.  

“We believe that having our own rugby union will help improve things in our province. Limpopo has not been producing individuals who play at national level for many years now. This would hopefully be a turning point,” Makanye said. 

He planned to engage the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture in this regard, and other stakeholders such as potential sponsors.

18 months ago       26 January 2018