Guitar players Neo “Mocks the Bass” Mokhonoana and his brother Joel “Fistos” Mokhonoana going through their pace.  Modimolle’s TRV Live Band has carved a niche on the Gauteng music circuit.  Photo: Mzamane Ringane

National fame


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TRV Live Band from Modimolle has broken significant ground on the national music circuit, emerging third from a tightly-contested battle of the bands held in Johannesburg on Friday 27 April.

The musical ensemble, which is also known as The Rudiments Virtuoso Live Band, was part of a total of eight bands drawn largely from Gauteng to compete for the first prize of R25 000 and a recording deal.

The 2018 Back to the City Festival also featured various other genres such as performing artists, deejays, graffiti artists and break dancers.

As part of the multi-layered judging process, the panel also drew inspiration from the reaction of the broader audience to a presentation, meaning TRV Live Band made huge impact with mainly Gauteng-based crowds.

One other judging criteria was that participating artists and groups had to perform their own unique compositions.

The ballad “Gae Limpopo (Limpopo our home)”, was a hit with especially members of the audience having left Limpopo to seek opportunities in Gauteng.

Speaking to The BEAT on the sidelines of a packed welcome gig at Modimolle’s Hapido Café in Phagameng Township on Sunday 29 April, TRV Live Band lead singer, John Mabusha, said the song managed to win the hearts of many in the big city.

“We realised that many people loved this song. It made them feel like they were home. People loved our performance and we appreciate the support,” he said.

Mabusha said the future looks even brighter, considering the fact that they were entering the competition for the first time but managed to fight all the way to the top three.

Several locals accompanied the band to Johannesburg, and they liked what they experienced.

Alfred Madampi Maremane called on locals to support the band as it continues to make Limpopo proud. 

“I would simply say our local band has not failed (by obtaining third position), but instead they achieved something that will shape them going forward. Performing at the event of that magnitude for the first time and coming out third is a positive sign,” he said. 

Mpho Molekoa said it was a great experience to travel all the way to Gauteng in support of the beloved TRV Live Band.

“I think every experience grooms TRV even further. Last year they had an amazing performance at Mapungubwe Arts Festival, and this year they outclassed themselves at the Back to the City Festival. I can safely say they are going places,” she said.

2 years ago       04 May 2018