Ramadiga Melvin Marutha the new CFO for the Bela-Bela municipality. Photo: Supplied

An improved audit is what we aim for


Andries van der Heyde   l   Views: 347

The new chief financial officer (CFO) at the Bela-Bela municipality, Ramadiga Melvin Marutha (34), has since his official appointment in the beginning of April been inundated with financial meetings to try to get a grip on the municipality’s spending habits.

Marutha is the first permanently employed CFO at the municipality in the last few years.

According to him, he had studied at the University of Limpopo and obtained a BCom degree in accounting. 

In addition to this he obtained a post qualification in generally recognised accounting practice implementation (GRAP) within the public sector from the University of Stellenbosch and had completed a course — the Municipal finance management programme (MFMP) — at the University of Pretoria.

Marutha said he is also a member of the South African institute for chartered accountants, Associate general accountant (AGA SA - SAICA).

“I became involved in local government when I was serving articles at an audit firm in Polokwane. My biggest project was being placed as a resident accountant in 2009 at a municipality for three years to improve audit outcomes.”

Prior to his appointment to Bela-Bela Marutha was the deputy CFO at the Vhembe district municipality and served as a CFO at the now disestablished Mutale local municipality.

Marutha said he was once awarded by his previous employer, Corp MD consultants, as the first resident accountant to improve an audit outcome from a disclaimer to an unqualified opinion for a particular institution within two years.

“The key focus areas for Bela-Bela will be proper financial management of the municipality’s finances. In addition to that is to ensure that council’s vision, as stipulated in the integrated development programme (IDP), is realised during the term they serve as councillors. This should be done with the available resources at hand,” said Marutha.

“The areas of concern are audit outcomes (the auditor general’s report) and our immediate challenge is to return to an improved audit. In addition to this is to improve the way how we provide the community with municipal services.”

He said that he is looking forward to working together with the town’s stakeholders, to stimulate local economic growth and help create jobs.

2 years ago       25 April 2018