Newly appointed municipal manager Michael Makhubela.

EFF welcomes Bela-Bela’s head honcho Makhubela


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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) caucus in Bela-Bela has granted incoming municipal manager Michael Makhubela the thumbs up.

In a statement released on Tuesday 17 April, EFF caucus leader Sello Mswoeu emerged from his recent hospital bed to declare that the fighters were “happy” about the appointment of the incumbent.

He was recently discharged from a hospital in Polokwane due to blood pressure complications, he told The BEAT.

The EFF leader said the red berets were satisfied with the procedure followed to interview and appoint the rightful candidate.

“There was an advertisement of the position of municipal manager, then there was an interview, short-listing, and then all candidates were subjected to an opportunity to be interviewed and shortlisted (further),” Moswoeu said.

He said at the end Makhubela emerged as “the best candidate”.

The EFF further dared that those who failed to make the cut provided CV’s which he said were “not impressive.”

He added that the Bela-Bela Local Municiopality had, for a period of time, operated without a full-time municipal manager.

However, the EFF’s sentiments fly in the face of at least one unsuccessful candidate, former Bela-Bela Local Municipality chief financial officer, Simon Ngomane.

Ngomane has threatened to sue the municipality over the legitimacy of the processes.

2 years ago       19 April 2018