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Medics were helpful and polite


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Jennie Escreet, via email, writes:  At a time when there seems to be no positive news, it is great to report the following:

I had a medical crisis on Saturday morning, 4 November, with one of our employees on our property 6 km outside of Bela-Bela. I immediately phoned the state hospital and there was no reply. I then phoned St. Vincent’s Hospital and they gave me the number of the private ambulance service.

The private ambulance service was very helpful and would have come out to the property but understood that calling the state ambulance would be better. They then gave me the number of the state ambulance service. The state ambulance service answered their phone immediately. They took down the details of the person in need and the directions to the property. Within 15 minutes they were here and the two medics on duty were helpful and polite.

I must share that I had feared that they may not answer the phone and when contacted we would have to wait hours for their arrival. What a pleasure that in the doom and gloom around us there was this one ray of light. Thank you.

2 years ago       09 November 2017