Mayor, Marlene van Staden

‘We are committed to bringing the change people voted for’


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I am pleased to announce that following three months of political instability brought about by people trying to discredit the DA led municipality, the Modimolle-Mookgophong council held a full sitting on Tuesday, 17 October.

Council dealt with a number of important employee matters, including the new collective agreement on conditions of service for all municipal employees in Limpopo. This agreement comes from the bargaining council and was already signed by SALGA on behalf of all municipalities and by both recognised unions, SAMWU and IMATU.

Council also discussed the salary equalisation of employees from both former local municipalities. Council resolved that the process must be followed according to the SALGA regulations and the collective agreement and that implementation will be possible once everyone has been placed into the new LIM 368 municipal organogram and the Final Outcomes Report has been received from SALGA.

The pending power cuts by Eskom were discussed to make councillors aware of the electricity interruptions scheduled to start on Wednesday, 6 December. 

Council also debated possible solutions to the Eskom debt crisis.

As Mayor, I proposed that the arrangement by Eskom, Coghsta, Provincial Treasury and municipal

delegation continue until a more feasible re-payment plan is reached and that a detailed report be prepared by the finance department on income and expenditures to be submitted at the next meeting.

I also proposed the following as possible interventions or solutions to the

Eskom crisis:

* That council appoint a special task team,

* that municipal properties that can be sold, be identified to pay Eskom, 

* that the Debtor’s Book be considered for selling,

* that National Treasury be approached for financial assistance to pay Eskom,

* that the NCOP be informed and assistance requested to avoid bulk


* that the MEC be requested to assist the municipality during negotiations

with Eskom,

* that street lights be switched off during trading hours and energy saving globes must be used,

* that accounts be sent to all areas of LIM 368 currently not billed, and

* that the municipality apply for additional funding to deal with electricity interruptions.

I also proposed using the current account system to inform consumers that should they fail to pay, services will be cut. And that all services to government departments and businesses be cut, should they fail to pay for services by a predetermined date.

It is also important for the pubic to note that the IDP programme has been interrupted over the past two months by elements determined to disrupt the smooth running of the municipality at all costs.

This is a tragic example of self-sabotage and the municipality is doing all it can to counter these irresponsible actions.

The time allocated for public meetings on the IDP has expired and I encourage members of the public who would like to make an input, to send an email to the office of the mayor at

I would like to assure residents that despite the political instability and strike action over the past few months, my team and I are doing everything in our power to ensure that the smooth running of the municipality is not disrupted again. 

We are committed to bringing the change that people voted for, as well as the opportunities we need to take our municipality forward.

2 years ago       02 November 2017