mayor Jerimiah Ngobeni

Wishing class of 2017 the best of luck during the exams


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I wish the class of 2017 all of the best with their studies for the final exams, and request the community to assist the young minds to give their all towards the end of the year.

Learners are more than welcome to come to the municipality’s library in our offices between 08:00-16:00 if they want to study in an environment condusive to learning.

I urge learners who feel depressed because of the pressure on them to perform, to seek help as soon as possible, because some learners tragically take their lives which I hope will not happen.

Parents, please support your children and do not burden them unnecessarily.

On the municipal front, it is the rainy season, and the paving project in Extension 6 is well underway. We ask residents to please adhere to the warning signs where construction is taking place to avoid accidents over the next six months.

If anyone has enquiries about the project, they can speak to their ward councillor, Bonnie Malete, or talk with representatives of the technical department.

We ask that people do not dump their rubbish into the storm water channels or drains which will block them and cause trouble for the community. 

Foreign objects can also damage the pump stations and people will then be left without services if this happens.

Our water provision in town is stable, but this is not a free pass for residents to start using as much water as they want. 

Please use it sparingly, check for leakages in your own yard and report faulty infrastructure to us.

The same goes for electrical problems. 

We have noticed that residents are using electricity in a safer way these days and illegal connections

have become a minimal problem. 

None the less — please report these matters to our offices.

I remind our residents that the municipality provides basic services and it is the responsibility of the resident to pay for services that are provided.

We are still running the 50% scheme for accounts that are in arrears and

residents can make arrangements at our offices.

2 years ago       02 November 2017