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Ladies hurl platform shoes at the editor over model


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The ladies have thrown the proverbial platform shoes in outrage at the direction of The BEAT editor, due to unhappiness with the choice of a picture.

The Friday, 20 October, edition with the headline “Tempers boiling at Koppewaai”, had the picture of the sensational homemade model, Bela-Bela’s Thuli Kativa, at the top left corner of the front page.

A vertical strip alongside the picture read “Bela-Bela model Thuli Kativa (see) Page 7”, meaning the full report and more pictures were to be viewed on the latter page.

Turning to the seventh page many of our readers, with particular emphasis on the sisters, were met by the headline “Lulu Tholwana and model Thuli Kativa dazzle”.

The article was used against the backdrop of back-up pictures of the designer Tholwana, and three models showcasing her other creations.

In what is known as orderly pagination in the newspaper industry, The BEAT decided not to repeat the picture of Kativa on page 7, as we had a photo of her on the front page already.

However, the sisters who phoned and others confronting us in the streets, were having none of it.

They made it loud and clear that The BEAT acted unfairly by not using a larger version of Thuli’s picture on page 7.

Meanwhile, Modimolle fashion designer, Lulu Tholwana, who created Kativa’s wear, arrived at a filling station to check on the newspaper.

On seeing the article and pictures from the fashion show, the good lady purchased 10 copies.

What we have learned from this experience though, is that from time to time newspapers – be they community-based or mainstream – tend to write for themselves (journalists/editors) and not necessarily for the readers out there.

I have personally surprised the reporters to the effect that not all readers care who (reporter’s name) writes the story, but just content.

On another note, as much as we have been singing praises for ourselves in terms of the sale of The BEAT newspaper alongside the mainstream press, Friday the 13th of October did not bring good tidings at all.

For the first time in recent weeks our sales dropped to below 50% at no less than three outlets.

The main headline for that particular week was “Clear skies … but”, which was an attempt at publishing a weather forecast for readers.

Even the lesser number of views on The BEAT website were not encouraging at all.

Our forebears teach us that to forecast weather patterns such as cloud movements, we simply go outdoors, lift our eyes to the skies and take it from there!

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2 years ago       26 October 2017