Trial for Nigerian

Crime: 28 September 2017 By Justin Steyn

Alleged drug dealer, Evy Ezeagbai, was headed for the higher Modimolle Regional Court on a date to be decided by the lower courts on Wednesday, 11 October.

Drama at Modi-Mall

Crime: 24 August 2017 By Justin Steyn

The Modi-Mall in Modimolle resembled a real-life Hollywood drama, blaring sirens, blue lights and crouching police officers armed to the teeth, responding to a suspected burglary which was recently reported to be underway.

Nigerian caught with CAT

Crime: 27 July 2017 By Justin Steyn

The Hawks conducted an intelligence-driven operation on Thursday, 20 July, which led to the arrest of a 49-year-old man for allegedly dealing in drugs valued at R1,3-million.


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