Modimolle’s One Body Church Reverend Oubaas Jonas Mokau. Photo: Supplied

Body of missing Modimolle priest discovered


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An inquest was to be opened following the discovery of the body of the missing One Body Church clergyman, the Reverend Oubaas Jonas Mokau.

Locals have received with shock the news that a farmworker at the Middlefontein Farm, outside Modimolle, had stumbled into the loved 75-year-old priest’s remains in the early hours of Tuesday, 13 February.

Limpopo police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said the family had positively identified the remains by the clothes found “at the crime scene.”

“The discovered bones were collected for DNA tests to (further) confirm that is indeed his remains, (and also) to inform the police if there is no foul play in his death,” he explained.

Ngoepe said the elderly clergyman’s wallet and money were found intact, but still investigations would probe “if there is no foul play.”

The missing Mokau was last seen in December last year.

At the time it was reported the Mokau family had last seen the elderly clergyman when he informed them he was visiting his sister, but never reached his destination.


16 months ago       15 February 2018